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The wedding of your dreams? And ‘what only you have in mind, to make it not everything you can do alone and here we are to help in the management of all the thing to do.

Flowers and bouquets for your wedding

The bouquet is the element that distinguishes the bride, the flowers that compose it reflect your personality. There are various types of bouquets and various forms, teardrop, round, beam, crescent or just a bunch. Round bouquets are the most popular, where you can use large flowers, like roses and peonies. The cascade bouquet make it more romantic for a traditional style, while the nosegay is small and minimalist usually thrush is the flower that is most suited to this kind of bouquet. The most elegant and formal bouquets are made with lilies, other more modern bouquet can be made with exotic and tropical plants leaves flowers. The flower arrangements will decorate the rooms which will host the wedding, the ceremony hall, means of transport, the lunch tables, with bouquets of flowers custom made, table centerpieces and other compositions. Of the jewels will highlight the groom, parents, guests, while small bouquet, will accompany the bridesmaids and witnesses throughout the day. When choosing the color of the flowers is very important, because in addition to expressing certain feelings must accompany the wedding dress, the theme of marriage and the clothing of the rest of the guests. Consider where and how the flowers will need to be approached within the room, in the hall for the reception or to ‘outside and make them stand out. Consider the flowers and the colors according to the season, they will allow you to achieve maximum results. That is why our team of professionals will advise you in choosing the floral decorations, the type depending on your wishes bouquet.

Welcome to the new site

Welcome !!! is the reference site for all those couples who want to get married in Venice and have direct contact with our team, professionals in the bed industry operating in the city of Venice and beyond. The techniques, imagination, professionalism, make our marriages happy, fun, elegant and unforgettable. Attentive to every detail from welcoming guests, transport, choice of location, embellished even further by colorful and unique floral arrangements.
Your wedding will be an unforgettable holiday for you and your guests, especially when you will review the photos and videos, which will derive the most important moments of your wedding, always keeping alive your feelings.
For the team make your great marriage is a lens that is born from a passion that everyone has its own number. We love what we do and we like to create the wedding you want. Venice is a unique city, with its beautiful mansions and harmonious that make it romantic and mysterious that will make it even more beautiful your wedding.

Fulvio Pastrello

Fulvio Pastrello’s secret to success is simple: over ten years of industry experience, gained first through collaborations with other video makers, then as free-lance international and nationwide professional. He maintains a focus on the needs and desires of the customer and the creation of an individual package based on conversations with the couple. Always cultivating a high standard of technical quality and using the most professional equipment.

Gabriele Bisetto

Gabriele Bisetto is an accredited florist at the European level and has a pronounced taste for beauty, creating compositions, decorations and unique floral arrangements tailored to suit your wedding. He enjoys making art using harmony and balance and is in constant search of new forms and material. Gabriele has studied floral design in Italy and abroad and uses this knowledge of the characteristics of color, shape, and form to all his projects.

Over the years he has specialized in floral arrangements dedicated to events, creating atmospheres to suit the client. His attention to detail and love of flowers are all qualities that make true inimitable floral works.

Amber Rist Mollison

Amber Mollison has a diverse background, having lived in four countries over two continents. She enjoys helping couples personalize their weddings using their background, culture, careers and things that inspire them. She offer clients everything from event design, creative direction, logistical management, prop building, decor sourcing (and creating), vendor curation, destination scouting, interior styling, photo shoot direction, consulting, and so much more.

Previously as a photographic producer, Amber organized shoots and projects. She brings the same commitment of professionalism and strong work ethic to planning weddings. She works around her clients’ schedules, meeting them during evenings and weekends – whenever is most convenient for them.

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